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Picture of Robert Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman

Since I was old enough to walk, I have spent most of my time underwater. My mother said I was inoculated with salt water. By the age of fourteen, I was a certified diver and felt at home in the splendor of the under sea world. Whether I was canoeing, kayaking, sailing, or scuba diving, I always included a camera in my gear-bag.

As time went on, my favorite dive locations became the many fresh water springs that lace the interior of north Florida. These springs with their formidable limestone walls and secret hidden chambers hold the secrets of prehistoric fossilized remains. The cave systems or aqueducts provided the life-sustaining force for the Indians before Contact, and are the legendary “Fountains of Youth” sought by Ponce De Leon and his Spanish Conquistadors. Today they are Florida's primary fresh water source.  

The springs offer a magnitude of photographic opportunities - from cascading light through eerie cave openings to crystal-clear waters - that help me create my favorite photo series Aquatic Landscapes. This photo series has a surreal quality of abstract art; I call “Fish Eye View” because they were taken underwater looking up.  

My first underwater camera, the Nikkonor II, was instrumental in my learning the basics of photography. This manual camera, without a light meter or any other automatic feature, forced me to learn and appreciate the fundamentals of photography.  

As a freelance photographer, I have promoted my work though contests, magazines, galleries and calendars. For me, photography begins in the mind and eye, not in the camera. The work is observing and appreciating our world in unique and different ways. My photographic craft is designed to show the beauty of light combined with the movement of time and the inspiration of imagination. This is where my passions lie.

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The award-winning nature photography of Robert Zimmerman.
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